Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here's a photo of our latest graduates from our Level 2 Improv Class!
We've started our weekly shows again, and September 19th's show was a great success!  

However, this doesn't mean we're slacking on our training!  This weekend, we had our improvisers practice some back-to-basics emotion and character exercises, with Eric and David as our drill sergeants.  This included being emotionally effected by a stack of boxes, walking around funny like we have a department dedicated to it, and thinking about our back teeth while we talk.

They did three tours of "Bunny Bunny", and they're still not fully recovered.
Here at the Village Idiots, we're dedicated to keeping our skills honed, our minds clear, and always having a funny third thing to say in a list.  Be sure to check us out Saturday, September 26th at 8-10pm for another fantastic show!
If you don't come, Lee Ermey will have some choice words for you.

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