Saturday, August 2, 2008

Irwindow on the world

Irwin here with my Irwindow on the world. I have studied Judisim all my life but then again im jewish. I am not your typical jew i have a small nose and no ca$h. Saw the X Files last week. Not a bad film I give it a half window open on my Irwindow
movie rating system. They should have an x files with chickens and call
it the eggs files. The jokes just get worse folks. I am currently in
yellow belt class. I have made many new friends and i like play time. I
have never been to London nor have a ever been in a convent but i have
dated a few nuns if you know what i mean.ok thats it folks - Irwin

1 comment:

plowie said...

what nunsense! I know irwin and he does have blue eyes and is very cute. But he's right. The jokes keep getting worse. Still, you gotta love him