Sunday, September 14, 2008

To my new glasses that I still haven't picked up...

To the unpicked-up glasses:

I picked you from the rack.
You were delicate and clean.
But fate keeps us apart.
Life's so cruel and mean.

I wish for you to rest
Upon my porous nose.
But I do nothing 'bout it
'Cept sit here and write prose.

Your rosy off-pink frame
With glassy shinning lens
Will soon be here with me
Together 'till the end.

For now I sit and wait.
Until the time is right.
My vision you'll improve.
You give the gift of sight.


Will Eve every pick up the glasses that have been sitting at Empire Vision for 2 months? Will her old glasses get jealous? Sand particles will fly in the fight of the century, next time on: EVE'S BLOG POST.

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