Monday, October 20, 2008

How Did You Know?

I got yelled at by a seemingly blind person today...we were in the bathroom line and she had her cute seeing eye doggie with her and I read the sign on the dog that says do not pet working dog and I thought to myself how sad it must be for those pups, they get no when the curious dog started to sniff my hand I thought a little head pat wouldnt hurt I mean the dogs not gonna run off anywhere were in a bathroom so I slowly brought my hand up fearing what ever that sign might be a warning and petted her head. To my dismay the "blind" woman says in a pretty upset tone (I swear she knew read the sign and was pissed I decided against it) "Don't touch her!" I laughed nervously follwed by an apology then I blamed the dog I once felt sorry for and said, "She was sniffing my hand." Can I ask how she knew I pet the dog?? I don't think it's because she could see because we nicely informed her there was a line for the bathroom..Can eye dogs talk with their masters? Does this woman have Dr. Doolittle powers? Was she just playing blind to tempt people into petting her dog, then yelling at them, then going home and laughing about it?Why am I so scared of this woman? I'll never know.. but I won't pet a seeing eye dog again not even if they touch me first.

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