Friday, November 21, 2008

Its what Kids do.

Ever wonder the origin of pretend farts noises made with your elbow? How about who was the first person to fake a removable thumb? Who could forget a classic competition like who could belch the entire alphabet first. Do you remember trying to lift a friend using just your finger tips chanting "stiff as a board, light as a feather." Recently I watched a boy take his arm out of his sleeve and slip it over his opposite hand creating a loop. He then bounced his arm inside his shirt and shook the loop up and down giving the illusion that he still had his arms in the sleeves and a third arm coming up from his abdomen. This was met with gales of laughter from his siblings. I snickered. His "new" trick was an old time favorite. It got me thinking, before playing 'house' and 'doctor', did children play 'cave dweller' and 'medicine man'? Does chasing butterflies, dangling worms and catching toads ever get old? Fads come and go but childhood is forever. Years from now my great great grandchildren will still skip rope, recite tongue twisters, play 'telephone', and pick their noses because its just what kids do.

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Eve said...

Or they will sit in front of the TV and computer and learn to fear the burning rays of the sun.