Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More thoughts on the Improvathon...

As a local improviser who performs with about nine hundred and eight improv groups in the Rochester area, I never really get to see improv shows, just perform in them. What I liked about the improvathon was it was a unique opportunity to watch AND perform improv.
I didn't just view my fellow troupe members from the side or back of the stage between moments in which I was performing. I actually got to sit in the audience and watch people perform, and do it in different ways than I would.
Sure, by the end of the night we improvisers (and that dude Kevin and his friend) were all that remained, but that was enough. There was nothing but support and good sportsmanship and laughter with none of the backstabby envy-fueled drama that had previously poisoned the Rochester improv scene. It felt like a scene!
You're a sucker if you missed it. There were some mind blowing performances, some new friendships made, and the occassion even brought my best friend (and duo competition partner) up from NY City to perform with me. Now that's a good time.

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