Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I feel inspired, let's do page 157 too!

though he couldn't possibly have known this before. The probability that Charles was being spied upon had crossed his mind previously, but he had chosen to ignore it. Now the evidence was too strong.

Charles gunned the dilapidated hover-ski and hoped the dying invisibility cloak would hold out long enough. He had to update his super-secret senate blog, and he was determined that nothing would stop him. Not even double-crossing alien parasites. Unfortunately, the route he'd chosen took him right through central Washington's zombie district. If only he hadn't voted against the bill to increase welfare for zombies last year.

If you'd talked with him just a week ago, Charles would never have imagined his fellow senators to be so thoroughly incompetent when dealing with alien invasions. After all, the yearly drills usually went well. It was as if they'd all just given up and thrown the hot baked potato on the senate floor.

I didn't backspace, either! Well, except to correct some spelling. I just stole elements from the previous entry and made something new. Can't really ask for stuff from people while in class. Surely you can see why it's a bestseller.

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