Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rabbit's B-day!!

Today is my birthday.. yay! Today marks the beginning of the end of an era.. Today I turn 29. In true TV special fashion I will now give you highlights of the last 10 years. I came into my 20s during the Great Y2K Scare. People everywhere feared they would blow up when their computers zeroed out on New Years Eve. Anticlimactically nothing happened. Later that year Australia held the Olympics and my highschool sweetheart dumped me. In 2001 the most obvious, of course is 9/11. Also in 2001 Wikipedia was launched, my folks split, The Ipod was released and I turn 21 and "partied like a rockstar". In 2002 we go to war with Iraq, The No Child Left Behind Act is signed, and I met my current boyfriend,love of my life. In 2003, the Human Genome Project is completed with 99.9% accuracy and a Horse is cloned in Italy. February of that year I brought home my first bunnies, Zoe and Serenity. In 2004 a dead whale spontaneously exploded in Taiwan, it was found that there had never been any WMDs in Iraq and I adopted a guinea pig, Molly. This brings us to the highlights of 2005: President Bush is still president and Micheal Jackson goes on trial. Youtube sweeps the nation. Later that year I went back to school to become a nurse (making Deans list my first semester) and I adopt another guinea pig, Penelope.. In 2006 Italy held the Olympics and Saddam is put to death. I bust my a$$ in college some more and finish my pre-reqs. That winter I found a cat under a car in the parking garage, skinny and terrified. I took him home and named him Mowgli. Turns out he acts like a dog and even does tricks. Late 2007 I applied to the nursing program and got in. The rest of the year is a blur of homework. In 2008 My bunny Zoe dies unexpectedly and I adopt another bunny, Theo, to comfort Serenity. Sept. 2008, My niece is born and I am there for every minute of it. I get an A in a nursing class and the first black American president is voted into office! Also this is the year I joined the Village Idiots!

Looking forward to finishing up my 20s with a BANG (or some other loud unnecessary noise).

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