Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Improv Musings

#1- Take Twitter and Facebook status quotes and use them as the start of your scene.  This will definitely start a foundation for a good scene.  Example: Mike is dreading his test in Chemistry.  

#2- Improv story telling encouragement-- "Why sink to the gutter when you can bounce off the wall?"

#3 Blindfold.  I am wondering if we can have a scene where both performers are blindfolded and the other utility actors set up chairs on stage or other props.  Then both blindfolded performers have to justify the way they walk around stage and act like they are people with sight.

#4 One of the reasons I am not crazy about Gorilla theater is that the flow is always disrupted when the director stops the scene to change it.  I have always had trouble enjoying Gorilla theater because I just wanted to see a story straight through.  Is there a way we can have a director without getting in the way of the flow?

#5 I have always wanted to play the game 3 Rules.  That is the game where you give the improvers 3 rules (you can't use the letter D, physicality with the left hand only, no speaking English) and when the improvers violate that rule they get tagged out.  I love tag out games because they put the audience in suspense over who will fail.

#6 Little Did He Know:  I got this inspiration from Stranger Than Fiction.  It would be a normal scene with 2 partners, but anywhere in the scene a partner can say "Little did he know Bob's car sale was corrupt," and the scene partner would have to react to it.  It would be a great way to give offers and I think its a lot easier than a Film Noir scene.

Tell me what you guys think about this.  I am no improv master, but I love thinking about it.

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