Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spirit Box Quotes

I published a science fiction book called Spirit Box and I want to put in some quotes to get people interested. Swithun said I could sell a few at the next show. Tell me what you think.

Synopsis: No one can breathe on the icy planet of Taros-Avros, but that didn't stop colonization. The solution: make spider children companions that assist with breathing. It was a genius idea and it made survival on the planet essential and profitable. The only problem was that it had a serious flaw. All the spirit boxes in the spider children were dying slowly, leading to a planet wide genocide.The salvation lies in the hands of a timid messenger boy and his trustworthy spider child, Dart. They embark on a journey to deliver the only hope the planet has for survival. While on this journey they encounter paranoid, power hungry tycoons, professional assassins shrouded in mystery and a beautiful pleasure girl. All this is weaved together to make a trip that will captivate the imagination and enrich the soul.

"Rushen-Fox looked over the wintry wasteland he called a home. It was always cold; especially this high on the mountains where he liked to rocket sled. It was the kind of coldness that turned one's nose hairs into icicles. Though he was not old enough to have nose hair, he heard the worst stories."

"Griffon was the only somebody that knew Rushen had a lung problem. While most people only needed three shots a day of Niagarax, Rushen needed five and he would need more if he was panicked.
The Taros-Avros physician explained Rushen’s problem as having “too little lung for so much oxygen”. Whatever it was that caused the problem, it made Dart that much more needed in Rushen’s life. This ended up working well because they needed each other so badly. Rushen needed a friend who would stay at his side, while he whittled away his days as a messenger. He also knew that Dart needed a friend to take care of. It couldn’t have been a better union."

"The world looked very different coming up from the dumpster. It became evident that the world had changed dramatically. The warmth was sucked out, the walls closed narrowly and the floor was made of thick steel. An intense disappointment registered in Rushen’s brain as he surfaced. They were still in the city.
But where were they?
Rushen yawned instinctively as if someone had drugged him. He then remembered the last things he saw. He remembered glares of white light flickering, then he remembered a noxious gas filling his nose, finally he saw the horrible face of the man named Meiser Barkovah. He shuddered in fear as he thought about that awful man. He drugged him and left him in this dumpster.
If that wasn’t enough, Dart had the whole memory on his hard drive. Word-for-word, he told Rushen exactly what happened after he was knocked out. Dart was lifted by the Dark Helmets. They illegally shut him down, but not before he scanned to see them drag Rushen away. He quoted one of Barkovah’s words, “Don’t kill him just throw him away. I don’t want the smell of dead people.”

"Sniper Bob could kill any man in this room and sometimes it scared him how much power he had. He would never show that fear to anyone though. He only saw the angles and not the human faces. Mark A could be sniped from the rooftop if he had access to the top floor balcony. Mark B could be taken out in the transporter area below if he was running in a panic.
These were the thoughts that roamed through his head as he looked out the window of the Hill Lord Hotel. Three men were in suits chatting from across the street. It was the Registral’ building complex, but to Bobby it was a business man’s opportunity."

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