Friday, February 6, 2009

Whatever Works Part 2

I was stunned. Betrayed. Oh and yeah well maybe I was a little f***ed up. But it was his ping ponging moods sprinkled with days-long silent treatments that had kindled my clinical depression and subsequent suicide attempt, which led to a seven-day-all-expense-paid stay at Tucson Psychiatric Institute. (I still have the clay trivet I made during occupational therapy.)

The break-up distressed me so that my mother flew 2000 miles to comfort me… and make sure we didn’t reconcile. On her last day there, he and I held the go/no-go encounter in his apartment. After an hour or so, I walked out – a single woman once again.

I was halfway to my car when he scrambled down the stairs (breaking his heel in the process), raced across the lawn and tackled me. It wasn’t supposed to end. Not then. Not 25 years later. Not ever.

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Rabbit said...

Well written and intense.