Monday, March 30, 2009

Matrix (via the Shaketrix)

Indeed, there was but one man, sir Neo, who was crafted in all things electronic. He had lived in the world of illusion, seeking not his divine truth, but life within the shadow. Upon thy ones and zeros, he had met the ghost illusion of Morpheus, who from the Matrix was untimely ripped.

Away from the paradise of Mt. Oylmpus' deception, Neo now in the world of reality, the layer of Hades, which reached forth to Zion. He had chance associations with Trinity, a fair maiden of determination and destiny, not yet wise to Cupid's arrow. Upon his mission of rescuing those from the program, Neo had met the witch of the program, Oracle her title claimed. She spoked of many riddles, her madness had hidden method. As such she tore down Neo's spirit of becoming messiah, the throne of Zion.

Alas, Morpheus was breached from the womb of safety, taken by the 3 heads of the hydra; agents of Matrix. Neo, fearing no god of wrath, bearing no constraint of Zeus, took on the role of hero. Within the subway of his salvation, he accepted Athena's advice and sluiced the agent known as Smith, via the horseless electronic sled.

The heroes pace much quickened, the fight to return to Hades deepened. Neo's mortal flesh lost but its hold on reality, when agent's fiery lightning burned through his chest. Trinity's kiss embraced the chalice of decision; the crux of her omen. Their hearts now burned passionately as Neo rose from Lazarus.

The agents fell faithfully, burning brightly like childish cherubim. Neo now stands between worlds. A gatekeeper from all things Eden.

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