Thursday, March 12, 2009

The official way to find your improv rating

Okay, Swithun explained how to know where you stand on the Swithun scale of Improv. It's simple and will only take a second. Ready? Go.

We all start off as Land before Time 6 level improv performers, but a select few can naturally upgrade to Tron Extended DVD (this is an insult if you are grading yourself on the Keith-Ludlum scale). Based upon angle of posture and voice modulation you will either go up in levels Land Before Time 3 and Land Before Time 1 or there will be bifrucation into a sub genre of level building called the Atkin's levels (Bread, Fruit or Meat). If you happen to adhere to the Keithstone mix and match theory it is possible to become a Land Before Time 3--Meat improv performer with only one scene under your belt. In regards to acting and delivery, you can fit into two categories which both involve a calculus equation based on your decibel volume. The categories are Nintendo or Super Nintendo. Nintendo is the more classical view and adopts techniques from famous improvisers that are at least a Snicker's bar on the Atkins meter. The Super Nintendo is actually an irony to most performers and thus we put it under the self defeating prophecy. Now if you are reflecting on the suggestion use, we adhere to the tri-level flow chart of Matrix, Matrix 2 and Forrest Gump. Within the sub genre of how a performer anticipates suggestions and curries favor with the director we have the categories of Fire, Ice and Jenny. There was one case where a French centric improvisor became a Matrix/Fire under the scale of a Bread Nintendo rating (It still boggles my mind today). To complete the holistic view of improv we incorporate the system of Black-White values, but certainly we don't inhibit the use of gray areas within our matrix structure. In this system we give a number value based on our metaphysical conciousness and our outcome perceived thinking. mine is a 7. To figure out that score you have to make a venn diagram on a large sheet of paper and triangulate your Atkins (in relationship to performance) and your Matrix value (but not witholding from the Nintendo--Super Nintendo level). I have included a picture of what this would look like.

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