Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shakespeare Assignment

A recap of Improv Rehearsal

Indeed, a metaphorical man but doth not unite with yonder maiden. But she willst but call him a harsh name. Fi, to the metaphorical man. Insoothe, he doth taked the bicycles. Wherefore his motives? Why you ask? Indeed, he is but a man who complains of man juice. Tis but sweat, he argues, but she will have but one argument against he. "Ye Beastie Boys is but against the appropriateness of Yahweh," she will mutter. Indeed, he doth protest thy gutter mind, but perhaps he protested too much. Wherefore his reasoning? Why you ask? He doth consult the the great Deku tree, where being the great green giant asked for his nuts back.

Indeed, in latter times but one Swithun shall be harrassed by one Eve and it shall be so. Mayhaps he has wronged her in lives past. Indeed, she is a catch 22. As much, she is but a Pokemon card of infinite value. Fi, her tires have but no air. Fi, she will invite but the gopher to have but some tea. Wherefore the questions she will ask the gopher? Only Waldo willst know.

There comest a time where but one dentist shall take but one pleasure in the tragedy of ladies. One but lady shall enjoy the ill treatment, receiving the penalty of oral hygiene. Mayhaps she was lonely. What doth she do in her spare time? Indeed, her heart has no aorta. Fi, dentist, fi. What doth this group of comedic tragedy players participate in but times that are spare? As such...

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