Saturday, July 4, 2009

Has Anyone Scene The Director?

On a recent trip to Florida, I took in an improv show. There were two choices of improv offered: I could either see the "family" show on Friday or the "blue" show on Saturday. I chose the "blue" show. Before anyone gets all huffy, let me say I admire anyone who has the guts and the heart to go onstage in front of an audience.

What was missing from this show was timing. The scenes were going on way to long! This failing is the responsibility of the director. The audience gets bored and the scene goes nowhere.

Also, every other word was f**k or s**t. A well placed explicative can cause massive laughs, indeed, but when it is overused it just gets old. Not only that, but the words lose their power and it becomes a show about swearing instead of a show about storytelling.

I have been in scenes, that thank God where stopped or put in the "right" direction by the director or host. What I'm trying to say here, is that it was painfully obvious that this group was in need of good direction from a good director. To have good scenes, you sometimes need the outside view to get some perspective. A good director is like a GPS system, as one who leads can only take you where they have been before. We have that kind of leadership here at VIP.

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