Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jumping In

One of the things that I find that I need most in improv is to “get there”. There have been many times when I've taken a "moment" in a scene and have been sidecoached to move the story along. In a play, or a film, actors are given preparation time during the course of the show to have a build to dramatic tension. In improv, cutting to the chase is essential, and this is one of the things I must learn to do.

How to get there from here, is the question at hand. Making bold choices, such as, throwing the tantrum, taking the kiss, grabbing the gun, stealing the money, breaking the priceless heirloom, all move the story forward.

In life, I strive for balance, weighing my options, taking things in moderation, and trying to keep relative calm during turbulent times. In theatre, it is high stakes that draws attention and keeps us riveted.

Life is slow and improv is fast.

When stuck, make your character do their utmost to get whatever it is that they want. The beauty of the dramatic art lies not in playing it safe, but in playing big and bold. Be that which is bigger and braver than you ever will be in life.

Be more. Improvise.

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