Monday, July 27, 2009

Top Ten Comments Heard Before The Next Micetro Show

(10). It's true: The mouse actually uses a baton.
(9). They have this special code that gets you into this special room! It's like a speakeasy!
(8). It said in the paper that people will be eliminated in this show (Not sure I want to go inside).
(7). Improv jam after the show! (I hope they have grape or apricot.)
(6). I hear this group is run by a Dr. No, way! Cool! I love James Bond movies!
(5). I saw a show here on Valentine's Day and the guy who plays cupid has great legs.
(4). My mind and my pulse are communicating with me and they say go in.
(3). I was standing under a lampost when I heard a voice say, "Go in! Go in!"
(2) I hear they have a trained gorilla who plays music.
(1). You would have to be an idiot not to see this show. It is only $5.00!

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