Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The inspiration for the choices we make has to come from somewhere.

I've been reading Mamet lately, and it is remarkable as his philosophy regarding acting is so akin to my own.

His words truly speak to me, especially regarding character. As of late, I've been hard-pressed to find integrity in those who promote the arts. Here's what Mamet has to say regarding such matters:

"Your character, onstage or off, is molded by the decisions you make: which play you do, whether or not to pursue employment in commercials, in sex films or pseudo-sex films, in violent or demeaning films, in second-rate movies or plays; whether or not to treat yourself with sufficient respect to perfect your voice and body, whether or not to prepare for your scene, for you play, for your film, for your audition. Whether or not to conduct your business affairs circumspectly. The ideas, organizations, actions, and people you support and dedicate yourself to, mold and finally are your character. Any other definition is the jabbering of the uncommitted.

Certainly the weak would like you to believe that character is a costume which can be put on or taken off at will. And from time to time we'd all like to believe it. But that doesn't make it true."

~True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor~ By David Mamet

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