Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top 10 worst intentions while in a scene

We know going in with an intention is good with improv, but here are some absolutely bad ones.

10. Kick Swithun in the head every time he is on stage with you.
9. Your character believes that any physical touch will create the apocalypse? The problem: They are a professional massage therapist.
8. Come in with the agenda that you will convert three audience members to Mormonism
7. Speak without using any vowels.
6. Break into Abba's "Take a chance on me" whenever a spotlight is near you.
5. Your character can only say Swithun's 3 favorite lines: "You are crazy," "I have to poop and pee," or "let's not make this spiritual."
4. Every solution to a problem is raising Walter Kronkite from the dead.
3. Become a mime during implosive/explosive
2. You torture your scene partner by threatening to steal their mail and blog about their family secrets after the show
1. Your character absolutely follows the book of Leviticus to a perfect T. What's the catch? They are an adult film star.

Okay: 2 and 10 I would actually pay to see.

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