Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Improv Edge - I can't hear you...Speak Up!

The "Improv Edge" is what I like to title my list of small ideas and tricks to improve one's Improv Game. Unfortunately, I only have one trick at the moment, so this better be good...

Normally, I have no problem being loud. Hell, a lot of the time I have no problem being TOO LOUD. However, when I have to be quiet for long periods of time and then be loud for short periods of time, it could becomes difficult to stay at the right volume. So much so, I almost feel hesistant speaking at a whisperer's voice.

Improv puts me in this kind of situation pretty often (like, every time I perform or practice). So I needed to find a way around (or over or through, why are people always trying to go around problems anyway?) this problem. Luckily, I've found one way that helps me stay at a constant high volume.

Every improv scene starts with, "And we'll see that scene in 3...2...1". In the past, this would be around the time I start zoning out and daydreaming. However, I've recently realized that this is the best time to let my obnoxiously loud and beligerent voice out to say "And we'll see that scene in..." because:

1. It's the short window of time I can still be obnoxiously loud when I'm not in a scene
2. Letting out my obnoxiously loud side is fun
3. Being obnoxiously loud keeps my volume up
4. Having fun keeps my creativity up

So with that short sentence I gain all kinds of benefits and expend very little energy doing so. It gives me that improv edge (blantant title plug) for when i'm performing and keeps me going throughout the night.

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