Monday, October 12, 2009

Emergency Cash Transplant

Dave Spiro (Village Idiot & 12 year liver transplant survivor) and Swithun No (Artistic Director) of the Village Idiots
improvisation group burst into URMC's Solid Organ Transplant's Department this past Friday and interrupted their weekly meeting to perform an emergency "cash" transplant!!!

During their August 29th fundraiser for the Patient Needs Fund, the improv troupe had raised awareness about organ donation. They also raised $1,400.10 and were now "transplanting" it into the hands of Dr. Mark Orloff who happily received the cash donation on behalf of the University of Rochester Medical Center's transplant patients.

Dave Spiro, donning his old paramedic uniform, and Swithun No, donning old hospital scrubs, brought the full $1,400.10 cash donation in small, unmarked bills traveling in an official emergency organ transplant box.

"This is the first fundraiser our 2nd year troupe has ever done," said Swithun No. "I'm honored that we could use our humor to help Strong Hospital save lives."

When asked why they didn't go with a simpler presentation of a giant, novelty check instead of dressing up, Swithun No answered, "They make giant novelty checks?"

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Sarah said...

This is awesome. I wish I could've been there!