Saturday, October 3, 2009


Alpha,Beta,Gama and Delta. I think i would like to choose A little from all four. I love going to Delta rehearsal's because you see enthusiasm and wide eyed wonder over this magic called improv i never want to lose that. I am now a Gamma myself and i am still learning and so much potential where to go. When i am good i am very good, When i am not so good more to learn. Beta going in to battle on any front and ability to lead if called upon something to strive for. Finally Alpha Will my son or daughter grow up to be an Alpha hey you never know. The main point here is each group must learn from the other. Sometimes in baseball a major league player must sometimes go down to the minor leagues to learn and get better and come back stronger then when they left. That is how i think Of Alpha,Beta,Gamma and Delta learning from each gaining for all.

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