Saturday, November 14, 2009

The First Love:The Training Wheels are Off

We will soon be moving in to our new studio. I am going to miss the old studio. It was magic and mysterious. Putting in a secret code to get in to the third floor and even having a secret code to use the bathroom. I remember the time during a show we where getting a bit loud and are next door neighbor pounded on the wall. I do not remember which idiot said it might have been Swithun said you can't get in that way. The third floor was like your first love,shy and timid but once you got started boy it was beautiful. We are getting rid of the training wheels and getting a motercycle. We are are the ground floor in more ways then one. I think Village Gate will grow and i think that will be beacause people will coming to see us. We are in the Valley,but very soon we will be on top of the mountain.

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