Friday, November 21, 2014


David Coon
Member since 2012

Job: Software Architect and Controls, Digitronik Labs
Education: B.A. in Mathematics, Cornell University
Birth Date: January 23, 1985

David Coon is a programmer, improviser, and musician in Rochester, NY.  He has been a member of the Village Idiots since 2012, starting as musical improviser before becoming a full fledged member of the cast in 2013.  His first experience with improv comedy was, of course, the show "Whose Line is it Anyway?", which intrigued him to try to learn the art form, but never got the chance to in high school or while earning his B.A. in Mathematics at Cornell University.  Later, after moving back to Rochester for work, David took a class at the now defunct Pillar Theater and has been entertaining Rochester ever since. He has stayed with the Village Idiots because of its multi-disciplinarian commitment to saying the dumbest things possible in public.

Outside the Village Idiots, David works in Software and Controls Engineering at Digitronik Development Labs, and plays trumpet for local bands, most recently Hieronymus Bogs.  His pet peeve is cat vomit in his shoes, and his superpower is, according to onlookers, "surprisingly decent dance skills, given the circumstances."

Favorite Quote: "I'm a full grown man, but I'm not afraid to cry." - Beck Hanson
Pet Peeve: Cat vomit in my shoes
Special Powers: Beatboxing badly without shame & surprisingly decent dance skills, given the circumstances.
Hobbies: Play trumpet & Expensive beers
A) Went to Amsterdam at age 27, and smoked nothing the entire time.
B) Every band he's ever been a major player in, save one, has been named after a scientific phenomenon
Prior Improv/Acting experience:   Nil
Why did you get into Improv? I wanted more fear and uncertainty in my life.
What do you like about the Village Idiots? There's a wide variety of players with different play styles and focuses.

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