Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eve's favorite kitties!

This cat just returned from a visit to the future. That's right! It went and saw this weekend's shows (Fri and Sat @ 7:30pm). There was a lot of loling. And rotfling.

From the internet library, by ehpien.

So this summer I continued my summer research in neuroscience. I was awarded a DeKiewiet Fellowship from the University of Rochester, and today was the last day of it. Everyone who participated gave a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation with 5 minutes of questions afterward. Let me just say that improv has greatly helped me in my chosen profession. I used to really dislike talking in front of crowds. Even when I got used to it after some practice, my voice would always tremble a little bit, giving away how nervous I was. But now, after 3 years of performing improv, I can confidently stand in front of a crowd and talk about my projects without shaking or sweating or waiting with bated breath for it to all be over. This is definitely a skill that will come in handy when I'm a famous scientist, giving talks at conferences! Thank goodness for improv. Even shy, small town girls can be confident in front of a crowd! Now I just need to learn to be more talkative when I'm out and about, not just when I'm standing in front of a crowd that is expecting me to talk… I guess that’ll come after 3 more years.

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