Saturday, August 9, 2008

Irwindow on The World

When I was a little kid about 5 years old i had a Mickey Mouse lunch box. I loved that lunch box. I think that as adults we should get back to that . Maybe for the guys we could have a Penthouse lunchbox with a Penthouse pet on the front of it and the box folds out to a bigger and better picture. For the ladies maybe a George Clooney or Brad Pitt lunchbox with movie scenes. For the the religious among us maybe a Jesus lunchbox with one loaf of bread inside ,but the loaf can feed an entire lunchroom. The thermos just has wine in it but it can be transformed in to wine in an instant. I think this is and idea whose time has come. Irwin

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PJ said...

I like the idea of the Penthouse lunchbox. But I'm sure if I brought mine into work some old hag would complain about sexual harassment, as if my lunchbox was reaching out from the reaching out from the refrigerator, taunting her.

Otherwise a Penthouse lunchbox would be great. There is literally nothing that can't be improved by putting a picture of a beautiful naked woman on it.

I'd like to see a merger between Playboy and Psychology Today. I had a subscription to the former last year (and still have a subscription to the latter), and I was dismayed to find out that, despite what countless men have said, the articles just aren't worth reading. Pretty as the pictures are, I can't justify just sitting and looking at a picture book. And like Randy Marsh said, in the age of internet porn, Playboy just isn't wankworthy anymore.

So we need to bring naked girls into the mainstream, and get their pictures into more readable magazines. Psychology Today, Seed, Scientific American, something like that. I want nothing more than to enjoy the company of this month's Playboy Playmate, but I just can't unless I know she's got something of substance to go with the beauty.