Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chuck takes your questions

What made you decide to join the Village Idiots?

I don't "decide" -- I don't do anything voluntarily. I'm just a prize. I'm bought, sold, and passed around from director to director like some kind of inanimate collector's item on eBay. But I try to do it well.

Try to do what well?

Be passed around like an inanimate collector's item on eBay.

Is it possible to do that poorly?

If I escaped, or mauled one of the directors, that would be my definition of "poorly". Sometimes the challenge is knowing what not to do, and for an inanimate object, there's a lot to not do, so as you can imagine that's quite a challenge.

But you're not inanimate; you're a gorilla.

Exactly! It's a paradox!

Do you enjoy wearing a gorilla suit?

If by "wearing a gorilla suit" you mean "eating Oreos and skinny dipping with Tina Fey", then that would be an emphatic YES!

Um... no, I mean, literally, wearing a gorilla suit.

Why would I do that?

To look like a gorilla.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not implying that I'm somehow not "gorilla enough". Next question, please.

Do you see yourself with the Village Idiots in, say, ten years?

Absolutely. Hell, twenty years. Sixty. Even though every group of creative minds since the dawn of time has eventually split up and gone their separate ways due to ego clashes, internal friction, substance abuse, death, marriage, and sheer entropy... and even though I've only known them for a few weeks... the Village Idiots are different. They're the people that I'm going to marry, and you can't stop me.

Thanks for sharing your time with us this evening, Mr. D.

It's been a pleasure.

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