Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eve's 21st Birthday

So my birthday has come and past. I am now one year older and one year... older.

Did I have the best birthday ever? I would be lying if I said yes. For my birthday dinner, I feasted on the finest hospital cafeteria food in town (mmm.... hospital food), due to having to go in to do some work in my lab and not having time for a real restaurant. After going in to work for a couple of hours, I then met Swithun, Krissy, Trevor, and later BJ and Jeff at the Old Toad for Trivia Monday. I love Trivia, but it just wasn't our night. For getting the fewest questions correct out of all of the teams there "Eve's Idiots" won a rubber band, to help us bounce back next time. Too bad I don't get a next time to redo my birthday.

Am I being a drama queen? You decide: the only present I got (not even a card) on my birthday was from a waitress at the Old Toad. At least the rubber band was colorful. Brings out the green in my eyes... But I did have fun, and the one question that our team did get right was all me, so at least I earned that rubber band. Yes, at least I earned it by knowing that the Bronx is the nothernmost burough of NYC. Thank you to my application to Albert Einstein College of medicine for that little tidbit of knowlege.

Other than that: played some scrabble, made up some words, and had 1 alcoholic beverage (for which I wasn't carded). The day started with a failed inorganic chemistry exam and ended with a rubber band. Super.

I did get another interview invitation from an MD/PhD program in the afternoon, so at least there was that.


blue eye guy said...

happy birthday eve - sorry i could not make it -Irwin

kevlarsen said...

My first time at Old Toad Trivia Monday, I was on the winning team. I also knew 3 right answers. I think it's a tradeoff. You guys are great comedy improvisers, and I'm a highly intelligent nerd.