Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm a beginner blogger but I've always liked the word.

Hello all... for those of you who have not met me yet I'm Andrea, Libra. Thus far with the Village Idiots I have stuck my bumm in Shannon's Face (sorry bout that by the way), had a conversation with a homeless person using my fingers, and discovered the wonderfulness of Village Gate Plaza by entering a store so conveniently called Outlandish Videos & Gifts. Having the notion it might be a fun Spencer's kind of store I decided to check it out with my 15 yr. old cousin. I saw the man at the counter gave us a very strange look and then I took notice of the many Pride symbols around the store. It wasn't untill I turned to my right and saw the leather whips and fetish wear that I realized this was no Spencers, it was a store not suitable for a 15 year old and I felt pretty out of place as well. I tried to walk out calm and collected as if I'd know from the start what kind of store it was but I couldn't help but smirk...

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