Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Laundry Madness, Ep. 1

Alas, the very first evidence of my existence is here! Now for a bit of story telling. I shall relate to you a tale of freshman laundry. (College, not high school.)

I believe this to be my second time doing laundry, as it was in March or April, and school started in September. By then, I was quite used to the concept of swiping my ID to provide payment for starting the machines. And I was not disappointed when I had finished loading the washer. It was not until I had finished transferring all of the clumps of wet cotton and polyester to a respectable looking dryer that this adventure began. The laundry rooms in the freshmen dorms always had the strangest problems, and this time the card swipe payment system decided it did not like the dryers that evening. Not only that, but the change machine was plumb dried up. (Only thing that was, it seemed.) I had two quarters, and the greedy dryers wanted at least 5. So desperate was I to not have to air dry my clothes in the winter weather of Rochester, that I called my roommate. He had one quarter, and he brought it down to me. My roommate also recommended I use the Pepsi machine down the hall as a change machine, since I did have dollar bills. Loathe as I was to leave my clothes unguarded amongst a den of delinquent freshmen, I traversed the tunnel system to the nearest drink machine. Confidently, I inserted my dollar bill and pressed the coin return button. Alas, ten dimes. But I was nearby Sol's, the great underground purveyor of anything that can be made with flat bread. (I suspect they use the same bread as a base for their cookies and their smoothies.) But, as I approached, I noticed their sign: "Do not ask for change for the laundry machines. Should you ignore this warning, we will hang you up by your toenails, violently whip you with tortillas, and dishonorably discharge you from the dorms out into the April snow." What ever shall our hero do? Tune in next week for the next exciting installment of Laundry Madness to find out!

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