Thursday, October 9, 2008

Invention of the week

I think the greatest invention I've come across lately is online TV.

Fox gives me Simpsons, King of the Hill, House, Family Guy, Bones, and more!

NBC gives me Heroes, My Name is Earl, The Office, and more!

CW gives me Beauty and the Geek, and... well that's pretty much it.

I will never be bored while eating dinner again, thanks to free TV at my convenience. This is so much cheaper than paying for cable and/or a DVR!

Thank you person who came up with this idea. Thank you.

Oh, and my second favorite invention at the moment? Toasters that also broil eggs. Yes, they DO exist: my roommate has one. I'm very jealous. I want it for my birthday. Make a note.

Tune in soon to hear about my 21st birthday on Oct 20th! Will I have a nice relaxing dinner with friends? PROBABLY! Will I get a thoughtful present? PROBABLY! Will I wish that my 21st birthday occurred on a weekend instead of a Monday? COULD BE!!! Will I go crazy and become an alcoholic? VERY UNLIKELY! Will I steal the little umbrellas out of the drinks that everyone else orders and try to construct one big umbrella from all of the little ones? I GUESS I MIGHT TRY!!!!! But there's only one place for you to find out... right here on the VIP Blog. That is unless you want to be part of the magic! Come to the shows this weekend (10/10 and 10/11 at 7:30 pm) and see me afterward about being a part of the fun.

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blue eye guy said...

Happy early birthday-Irwin