Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama Rama

I am the elusive Rabbit. This is my first post and I want to make it stick. The improvathon.. I was lucky enough to see the Zombie movie starring the sexy and brainy screamer, the politician with a martyr complex (and a serious death wish), the 4th year law student who loves justice, the half-zombie zombie expert and the guy who plays everyone else.. "All you need is love" to kill a Zombie. Ok so you had to be there..and next time hopefully you will be. Anyway i laughed my ____ off.. it was a good way to spend Saturday night.

Election fever has finally ended. No more commercials, no more junk mail flyers, no more polls.. Thank God. One thing I am grateful for is to see party lines blurred as all people.. red and blue.. donkeys and elephants..recognise this well deserved equality that will go down in American history..the first black president of the USA. Can you believe it didn't happen until 2008?? Obama Rama -let the festivities begin.

What a week.. a Zombie attack, presidential election, (on a personal note) i got 2 A's on 2 exams (yay!), and my first blog post.. almost 2 days late. What is it they say?.. day late, dollar short.. well I am late and broke so i fit the bill. But all in all, its been a pretty eventful week.

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