Friday, December 12, 2008

Page 92 of the sequel book; Baked Potatoe on the Senate floor... With Sour Cream II

She watched Charles as he slept peacefully. She couldn't believe her luck. After all this is the man that gave the greatest speech "in the history of every man woman and child." Now he slept just inches away from her. She could feel his hot breath on her cheek. Realizing she wasn't going to get any sleep tonight she got out of bed soundlessly. Throwing on a robe she decided to head down to the kitchen for a glass of milk. As she poured the milk Donna noticed her phone was lit up.. She had a message. Sighing she put in the code to listen to her voice mail.

"Call me as soon as you get this." A man's voice says curtly before hanging up.

Easily recognising the voice she dials the phone.

"Donna Dunham here, what do you want?" She asked calmly, barely keeping the annoyance out of her voice.

"Agent Reed here, meet me at Pier 79 in fifteen minutes." He hung up before she could protest.

Thinking about Charles asleep in his bed, she scrawled a note 'Out of milk, ran to the store.' Then she poured the rest of the milk container down the sink before going to grab her Super Sonic Titanium Plasma Laser gun.

She slipped easily into her custom Titanium Stretch Suit specially formatted to fit her proportions as well as her limber needs.

She turned out the light and crept into the garage, pondering pier 79. Was it an Alien invasion? Maybe some sort of crustacian or something resembling squid. Tentacles perhaps? Knowing Reed, it wouldn't be an easy assignment. She'd be lucky if she was home in time for Charles to wake up let alone make it home for dinner.

trying not to think on what Charles would make of her absense, Donna slipped into her Saturn Astra and sped off into the night.

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