Sunday, May 31, 2009

Super Hero Improvisors, pt. 1

As a comic geek, I often wonder which superheroes would make great improvisors. I'm basing this criteria along the lines of Swithun No's improv theory of 4 types of improvisors. In this article, I'm also limiting myself to the DC universe.



Improv Strength: Head Improvisor
Given that he's one of the few heroes that doesn't really have any special powers, this "dark detective" tackles some of the most criminally insane by out-thinking them by one step. Sure he's got mad body skills, but it's his brains that really set him apart from all the others heroes. That and his innovative ability to use props.
Improv Weakness: Beard
Does he find anything funny? I guess when your arch-nemesis is a guy called the "Joker", "why so serious?" is a rhetorical question.

Green Lantern
Improv Strength: Head & Body Improvisor
This guy can produce any object, any size with his green ring. He's only limited by his imagination (and the color yellow). Already he would be good at thinking off the top of his head. Since he's good at getting a team together really quickly, he probably knows how to "make his scene partner look good."
Improv Weakness: Heart Improvisor
The original Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, was a test pilot who was chosen by the Green Latern Corp. because he was a "man without fear." While this makes you a great green policeman, if you can't emote fear on stage, you're really limiting your scenework.

Improv Strength: Body & Beard Improvisor
This guy would be great at improv games that require rhythm and timing. Since he has the speed, he'd be great with coming up with things to say real fast ("quick-witted?"). In the Justice League, he tends to provide some comic relief.
Improv Weakness: Head Improvisor
I'm willing to face the fact that he can be impetous. He's not really the type to think too far ahead. He has the dubious distinction of being one of the few superheroes to stand trial for KILLING an arch-nemesis.

Wonder Woman

Improv Strength: Heart Improvisor
Like every other male counterpart, Wonder Woman has powerful attributes. But unlike the rest of the DCU, one of the 6 deities that blessed her disembodied soul before birth gave her a special gift; Aphrodite blessed her with beauty and having a loving heart. Also, she has a lasso that makes anyone truthful.
Improv Weakness: **ahem** none.
I know better that to point out a woman's weakness. Especially, one that could kick my butt.

This guy has improv written all over him. He's incredibly imaginative and flexible. He's also generally considered the comic relief of the DC Universe. He can do nearly anything with his body.

Part 2: The Marvel Universe.

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