Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fixing ALL the Things

We spoke a bit earlier about how we've been moving around for the past few months. Here's a bit more about that.
Big old pipe before its makeover.
Paint. Paint EVERYWHERE!!
The Village Idiots members are now complete experts in the science of moving, tearing things apart, painting, and restoring old buildings into nice-looking ones. For that reason, the old Downstairs Cabaret Theater #2 (which, when we arrived, looked more like a deserted set from an episode of hoarders), is now shaping up to be a cozy, elegant theatre.

Swithun and Monica hard at work.
Together with Bread & Water's owner, JR Teeter, and his crew we've patched up floors, walls and ceilings, sanded, painted, cleaned, and organized all sorts of furniture...

We are still a few details away from absolute perfection, but we are extremely proud of the results so far.

Look at that perfect coat of paint!
Monica, you're amazeballs.
We managed to have the stage ready just in time for our first show of the summer: Improv Comedy Battles, on July 12, 2014. We had a great turn-out for an all-around awesome show!

The truth is we are itching to perform, since it's been so long we've been on stage for an audience. We've worked really hard, rehearsal after rehearsal, to guarantee that our guests will not only enjoy us, but fall in love with us~ even if it's just a little ♥

Our Neighborhood!!
As we move forward, we're looking to put our skills to use on a bigger scale... restoring the Cascade District to become a place of entertainment and recreation, as well as a cooperative and friendly destination for businesses!

A while back, the Cascade District was mainly a manufacturing area and, sadly, after the industrial sector plummeted the neighborhood became a bit atrophied. In the 1960's, however, it underwent a huge renovation. Parking lots, residential, and commercial buildings replaced the old, empty factories. Now, there is a vibrant mix of historic and modern buildings that make it an attractive hub to a diverse group of people.

If there is one thing this place needs is the spark of life that activities like improv and theater can provide! The Village Idiots will try to do just that for Rochester's WEST END.
(Get ready for action, Rochester)

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