Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our First Show... at Our New Home!

My, oh my! What a night.

Swithun's now the man of the house. He's 8, was about time!
We certainly did not expect such a great turnout for our first show of the season. We realized very quickly how different our experience as a business is going to be since we are no longer "sheltered" by our previous neighbors at the Village Gate Mall. Being inside a building that is considered a destination in itself, helped us grab people's attention even when we may not have been a high priority on their list. But we have grown up and are a "Big Improv Group" now. The fact that so many people showed up to our event for our show *exclusively* made us feel honored, proud, and excited.

Ben & Irwin mind-melded over their love
. . . for sushi.

HONORED, because every time someone visits our venue to see us perform, we feel like superstars. At that moment, we don't worry about anything else because we focus all we've got on our audience's expectations, and do our absolute best to not let them down. We adore the audience from afar and give them the best of ourselves on stage. We may goof up every now and then, but we do it with the best of intentions, promise!

Barbecue vs. Sushi - - - Things that matter.
PROUD, of having such a talented and devoted group of individuals that puts hours of practice into developing a skill that others want to enjoy. Being a part of the Village Idiots family isn't something trivial, it eventually becomes a deep connection that our teammates experience. Just like love, however, it has its highs and its lows. Yet, there's just something about a show performance done with people you trust and respect that beats all the negativity that may burden you. 

EXCITED, as in,
Irwin, illegal "alien" from Mars, is tired of the long drive.
Martha, Mexican smuggler, tells him to go to the back of the truck.

Swithun's smartphone makes him
feel dumb.
This week's show was fantastic, there's no doubt about it. The turn-out was tremendous. The theater is looking great. The cast did an excellent job, albeit being rusty. And we had a beautiful full moon at the end of the show to top it all off.

We are very grateful to everyone that has made this journey of ours possible. We hope to bring you more positive updates as we continue doing what we do best - becoming inspired by our environment, agreeing with the premise, and adding our own flavor of awesome to make the best out of any situation!


The best gospel hit of the Summer 2014: Pre-paid Minutes.

--- Photographs of the show, courtesy of Valerie Peters. We love you, Val!